Wednesday, September 21, 2011

First Football Game!

Well, we had our first football game this Tuesday! It was definitly rough around the edges, but the girls had a lot of fun. They all looked adorable for their pictures (totally stressed me out! The sweatshirts didn't get done till 10 min before our meet time!). The Colts ended up losing, but it's okay! There's always next game!

Jolee and her sweet friends Kaylynn and Alyssa (sisters)

Me and Jolee before the game!

Coaches Jessica and Sara!

Jolee posing for her individual picture

Jolee and her good friend Kaity

Me and my awesome friend (Kaity's mom) Nicole

The girls in their group picture

Jessica and I with our girls

Me and my future football player

Me and the best cheer daddy ever!

My boys hanging out during the game

Starting the froggie chant :)

Huddle time!

Our awesome girls!

Jolee and her new friend Kenzie

Me and my excited Jolee

Me and the kids

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Great Night to Fly

Last night, Brian took Brady and I up for a quick joyride up in our most recent addition. I hadn't been up in it yet, and it was a great time! I enjoy the slower (and closer to the groud flights) rides, much better than way up high flights. This was a lovely little jaunt on a beautiful night. I just love the way the country side looks from above. Brady sat up front with Daddy, and he even got to take over the controls for a little bit!

Getting ready to take off!

Brady watching Daddy and doing his best to copy him

My pilots

Just got done looking at the house

Watch out world! Brady's at the controls now!

Beautiful Missouri

After we had gotten back home, we saw what had happened just a bit earlier out in Reno. As a family that enjoys attending air shows, I can't even imagine what they are all going through. The pilots family was attending the show and saw the accident. I know the excitement and joy that I feel when I watch Brian up in the air, doing what he loves. Those poor people went from that great feeling, to watching their loved one disappear in front of them. While we were up in the air enjoying the beauty of it all, there were hundreds of people in the middle of a tragedy involving the same beautiful skies. So sad.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Let's Go Colts!!!

If some of you don't already know, it's football season in West Plains! Which also means it's cheerleader time! This year I signed up to be one of the coaches on Jolee's team, and I've kindof scared myself silly already. Having spent most of my childhood and teenage years playing softball, I now know nothing about cheering. I simply want to make sure that the girls have the best experience they can have. We only have 5 girls on the team this year, and 3 of them are Jolee's really good friends. One of the girls is new to us, so I just hope that we can make her feel great and like an important member of our team.

The group all met up this Wednesday for the kickoff to the cheering season. Each year, the college cheerleaders in town put on a seminar to teach a few cheers and get the girls excited. We had a great time, and can't wait to cheer on the boys!

Kaity and Jolee found a way to pass the time with their pom-poms!

Four of the 5 girls: Alyssa, Kaylynn, Kaity and Jolee

Paying close attention to the cheerleaders

I can never get a picture of Jolee without her posing! She feels the camera on her and just has to smile! LOL

Getting into the action

Most of my girls! Kenzie had to leave early :(

Jessica (the other coach) and I with our team

Jolee and Kaylynn @ our after-practice dinner

Ann-Marie (Alyssa & Kaylynn's mom), me & Jessica

Friday, September 2, 2011

River Time

One of our favorite parts of the summer was some of our amazing family coming down for a long weekend with us. Brian's sister Lisa and her family, and also his brother Chris and his family all came down in June. I absolutely LOVE it when we all get together, because it means that most of the cousins all get to hang out and have some good quality time. We did a whole lot of swimming, eating, talking, and just about everything else we could cram in! Here's some pictures of our time togther:

One of the most fun things we all did was go to Hammonds. Its a spot on the river that is not too far from where we live, so we all decided it would be a fun outing. It was Brady's first real time being in a big river, and he had a great time! The kids enjoyed looking for crawdads, and then once the got one, building it a house :) Brian used to go to Hammonds when he was a kid, and I got a kick out of thinking about him learning how to swim there!

Chaise and Madison

Getting ready to step into the COLD Blue Spring water!

Brady enjoyed the hike it took to get to the spring

Alyssa doing a crazy jump into the spring

And Mackenzie doing the same!

Jolee testing out the water in the river

Brady getting his feet wet

Uncle Chris showing the girls a crawdad

Brady and Chaise hanging out

The crawdad had a home!

Pretty girls!

Brian and I

Brothers Brian and Chris