Thursday, October 29, 2009

Miley Cyrus Concert

YAYYY!!!! We finally got to see Miley in concert! As she told the crowd last night, "better late than never"! We took Jolee's friend Kaity with us, and also our friend Kat. We stayed at the Sheraton which was only a block away, so it was really easy for us. Also, Brady managed to stash my camera somewhere I couldn't find it yesterday...but I was not about to let this experience go by without pictures. So, I ended up using a disposable for the first time in years! That explains the poor picture quality! LOL
Also, there are no decent pictures of Miley since we were up in the nosebleed section! Those girls wouldn't care at all where we were sitting though, thank goodness. We had an absolute blast! She's already asking when the next concert is :)

Getting ready in the room

The four of us outside the scotttrade center

The girls reading their programs

Me and the girls

The little speck down there is Miley :)

Rocking out to Party In The USA

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wonderful Friends!

Saturday night, we were lucky enough to get to meet up with my ladies Josie and Lindsey, and their kiddos, Shayla and Jackson. We had such a good time letting the kids hang out and play together. You can totally tell that we are mommies now, cuz one of our big priorities was taking pictures! LOL

The six of us

Lindsey and I with our cute pies

Jackson and I

The kids eating at the big kid table

Lindsey, Josie and I

Brady loves Shaylas motorcycle

They would not hug or kiss each other :(

Jos and I, with Jolee and Brady and Shay

Me n Jos

Jolee and her buddy Shayla

KC Pumpkin Patch

On Saturday morning we went to a pumpkin patch in Kansas City with our sister-in-law Crystal and her kiddos Madison and Chaise, and also my sis-in-law and bro-in-law Lisa and Steve and their kids, Whitney, Mackenzie and Tyler. We dont' get to see them very often, so we LOVE it when we do! There were almost too many things to do there. The kids all had a great time playing together!

All of the kids on the way in

This is what trouble looks like: Chaise and Brady

Uncle Steve and Madison

Jolee got a doggie balloon from one of the clowns

The boys getting ready to go through the tunnel

Madison and Brady on the train

Me and the kids on the hayride

Crystal and I with Chaise and Brady

Chaise on the phone with his Daddy Chris in Iraq

We tried really hard to get them to hug and kiss bye-bye

All of us (minus several)

Hangin W/ Aunt Alicia

This weekend, Brian was going to be working full days, so me and the kids decided to head up to JoCo for the weekend. Jolee didn't have school on Friday so we were able to have longer than we usually do. We actually got to see alot of our family and friends this time! Friday evening we met up with my girl Alicia and her boyfriend Josh and Nana and Papaw, and we all headed to Jalapenos for dinner. Afterwards, we went next door and had ice cream. We loved getting to spend some time with Auntie Alicia!!!!!

Jolee and Nana at dinner

Alicia and I

Jolee with Alicia

Sitting around eating ice cream

Saturday, October 17, 2009


I have just been informed from my wonderful hubby that the birdies in the picture below are actually ducks, not chickens. My apologies to the ducks.

McWilliams Pumpkin Patch

Today, we decided to go to the Pumpkin Patch here in West Plains...and it was a blast! I feel so stupid that I didn't even know it was here. There was all kinds of stuff to see and do. Jolee and her friend Kaity had a great time and found a couple of small pumpkins to take home. I'm sure this will turn into a yearly adventure!

My two favorite boys in the whole world!!

Jolee and Kaity

Scarecrows this cute would attrach birds, not scare them away! LOL

Jolee and Kaity make pretty scarecrows :)

Mommy and Daddy as scarecrows

Daddy trying to talk Brady into coming back over with us

Figuring out chickens

Brady playing in the tub o' corn (The kids are still finding corn in their shoes)

Daddy helping Jolee shoot walnuts :)

The kiddos on the hayride

The girls leading the group on the storytime maze

The girls on the horse ride

Jolee, Brady and Kaity

Jolee and Brady

Jolee and Kaity

Brady started to throw the small ones around

The whole gang