Wednesday, January 26, 2011

On to Making Purses!

I recently decided that I'm way past due attemting making my first purse. So, off I went to find just the right pattern for a beginner, and found the perfect one. I whipped this one together last night and Jolee loved it so much that she decided she needed to take it to school today. She even wore her matching dress and a hair clip I made to match the one I made for the purse. It's nothing like my mom makes, but you gotta start somewhere, right? LOL

Monday, January 17, 2011

Perfect Sunday!

Yesterday, Brian, me and the kids headed down to one of our favorite places ever, Gaston's, down @ the lake. Alot of our family on Brian's side was down there for the long weekend, so we headed down there for some wonderful food and hang out w/ great people. We took a walk and ended up down @ the frozen pond, made a peacock friend, played lots of cards, roasted hot dogs AND marshmallows, and generally had a GREAT time!!!

Brady checking out the resident pet

He made his way into the he did the night before!

On his way out the door

We enjoyed his company on the deck for quite a while

Jolee, Sadie and Grace

Sadie and Grace checking him out

The girls plus tyler - the peacock was just out of the shot, hence Jolee's face!

Uncle Jim, Brian, and Tyler

Brian and I

Me, Lisa, and our adopted family member! LOL

Jolee, Grace, Sadie and Kenzie in front of the frozen pond

The kids loved that the geese were on TOP of the ice!

The kids (plus my hubby) were trying to see who could break the ice

Jolee was sooooo excited to roast a marshmallow

Just how she likes it!

Uncle Jim helped Brady with his first one ever!

Sooooooooooo good!

Out for another walk with our friend (at this point, he was named Pecka)

All of the adults

Crystal and I

All of the kids

Me and the family!

Brian and I

My Future Olympian

Today was Bradys 3rd Monday in tumbling class with Ms. Veda. He's slowly getting used to the idea of having other people around. I am still sitting with him and trying to gently encourage him to join in. Each week he's getting a bit more willing. He'll do alot of the excercises at home, but when we get there, he gets shy. LOL

This is his favorite! Where he runs and jumps off the mat

Ms. Veda's helping him do a backwards somersault LOL

Helping to put the blocks out

And lining them all up

One of the few times he would actually sit without me!

Jumping over toys...

...and blocks...

...and finally being a big helper and cleaning up!

Hopefully each week will get better and he'll get more and more independent! I'll keep ya'll informed :) LOL

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Time for B-ball

Heres a few pics from Jolee and her cheerleading for Upward basketball:

Giving the players a cheerful welcome

Jolee and one of her co-cheerleaders

Taking a break :)

The bucket that each of the girls made to sit on when they're not cheering

On our way to the game

Madi, Jolee and Hannah

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Basketball and Ice Cream!

Last night Jolee had her friend Madi over. It was a half day of school and she came home with us, so we had a very fun day! Me and the three kids went out for pizza after school then went home and relaxed for a bit. Later we all went to the girls' school for the last home b-ball game and then out to DQ after. Here's some pics of our ice cream outing :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Mommy Cave

I am so excited! Part of my Christmas present from my family was these new shelves upstairs for all of my fabric. And I finally got around to organizing it over the last few days. I had been getting used to having all of it scattered around in boxes and bags, that I forgot some of what I actually had! So now I have a nice space for practicing piano and getting my craft fix! But is this bad of I see how much space I have for MORE fabric! LOL

NYE 2011

Here's just a few pics of our family's NYE party of 4. I wouldn't trade a night like this for anything in the world! I'm so lucky!

Brady is quite the party animal! He really did try to stay up, but he just couldn't do it.

Daddy and Jolee before the festivities

I've been hearing the horns constantly since last night!

Jolee and me modeling our festive hats

Daddy getting the champagne ready

Jolee liked this part :)

Me and Daddy right after our family toast

Jolee and Daddy

Copper even got into the fun!

Me with 2 of my 3 kids

This is how Brady woke up right after midnight. Apparently all the noise woke him up, and he was hysterical for about 15 minutes. I felt awful, but such is the life in a family home! Hope everyone had a safe and happy New Years!