Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy B-Day Brian!!!!!

Last Thursday was Brian's 37th birthday! And, per our usual, we spent it with just us and a homemade cake. Brian requested his favorite dinner (tacos), followed with cake and his favorite ice cream (mint chocolate chip). We had a wonderful time celebrating another wonderful year that we've had with Daddy! We love you!!!

The kids with their amazing creation

Jolee helping Daddy blow out the candles

Brian and his babies (for some reason, Brady gets really upset every time we sing Happy Birthday)

Brady and Veronica enjoying cake

Me and the love of my life :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Beautiful Brooklyn

Lindsey & Brooklyn got my package the other day...and I must say, she looks rather good in it's contents! I tend to think of Lindsey's kids as mine as well, and since I love to make clothes it just makes sense. I can't wait to see what her and Jackson see what I have up my sleeve next!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Blakes B-Day Party

I just realized I had pictures from Blakes b-day party last month that I forgot to post. Great party Blake!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Play Time

Our good friend Veronica came over today after her first day as a senior. Her and Brady play for hours and hours and hours! Here's just a couple of pics of the kiddos hanging out:

Jolee the 3rd Grader

It's that time of year again! Time to ship Jolee off to school for some education. She's now in 3rd grade...where has the time gone?!?! This was a very good First Day. There were no tears, no nervousness. Just a very confident girl that was excited for her first day in Ms. Squires class. She has several friends in her class. We're looking forward to seeing what she's going to learn this year!!

Such a beautiful 3rd grader!

Walking into school

Doesn't she just look thrilled? LOL... she actually was excited, I just snapped the picture at the wrong time!

Daddy, Brady and Jolee

Me and Jolee

Daddy and his big girl!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fun @ WallyWorld

Our friend Veronica has been hanging out with us alot lately and going along with Brady and I to Walmart. We both really like it when she does! I get to shop in peace and Brady gets to play and run and have fun. Here's a couple of funny pics that she's sent me of their Walmart adventures!

Hiding in the diapers...

and the bottled water

Trying on some shades

Blake and Brady

Although I didn't take any pictures this week, I took a couple with my phone. Heres a couple of cute ones of Blake and Brady. Now that they're gone, Brady obviously thinks it's too quiet in the house now LOL...I kinda like it! J/K

Brady giving Blake a hug :)

When I would wake up in the mornings, this is how I would find the little cute.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Accept My Apologies

My apologies are in order...I have been slacking on posts to the blog. I'm in trouble, I know. However, I feel like I have a good excuse! My friend Nicole and her husband took a trip to NYC this week, and we got the pleasure of having their 3 kids here with us while they've been gone! So it's been a very busy, wonderful, and full house this week. We've done lots of fun stuff, but unfortunatly, I can't seem to find my camera. It's probably found it's way to the bottom of the couch (or wherever Brady stuck it). Also, I've been sick with what the doctor is treating as strep. Yeah, that is not very good when you have 4-5 kids at home :)
It was a great week with the Smith kids!!!!