Friday, April 29, 2011

Belated Easter Posts

Once again, I am uber late getting my pics posted. My gets in the way, as usual! Anywho...last Easter weekend was fantasic! We started off by heading over to the Powers' side in KC for Easter and some good quality time. We had a blast with Crystal and the gang, and Lisa and her gang. The kids all had fun for the 30 seconds of egg hunt that went on, and got waaaaayyyy more chocolate than they ever would need LOL. And then it was off to the Thompson's side :) Pics from that to come ASAP

I love these two sooooo much - Madison and Chaise

I love getting all these kids together!

Madison and Jolee

Me and some of my kiddos :)

My sis-in-law Crystal, jolee, Chaise and Madison

Jolee, Chaise and Madison letting us take the routine "before the egg hunt pics"

And they're off!

Daddy giving Brady a helping hand(s) LOL

Tyler helping Brady find eggs

Chaise, Madison, Jolee and Brady

Brady showing off his eggs!

The kids with all of their goodies!

Madison and me :)

Me and my adorable-in-every-way family

Me and "Mr. Cool" Chaise

Brady and Chaise saying good-bye

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Harvey the RV

I just realized the other day that I had not posted pics of the RV on the blog. So - here you go mom! LOL

A side view

Brian was doing some wiring, and Brady couldn't stay away :)

One of the fold out couches

Down the hallway, though the kitchen

Jolee enjoyed posing in the pics - here's the bathroom vanity

In the bedroom - gotta get sheets and stuff



Saturday, April 9, 2011

Egg Dash

Every year in West Plains, there is a city wide easter egg hunt. We hadn't gone to it before, so I figured we would give it a shot this time! So, this morning I had the joy (sarcasm) of getting the kids in their nice outfits (even though we were the only ones that decided to do so) and braving the heat and the crowds. They had it divided up into age groups, and apparently they usually have each age go separate. This time however, something went haywire, and so all of the kids that heard "GO" and took off together. So rather than a "hunt", it turned into a "mad dash", for the eggs. Brady didn't end up getting many, but he still was really excited about what he got. Jolee got to see some friends while we were there, and then we went out to lunch together at Coltons. Wonderful way to spend a beautiful Saturday afternoon!

Kimmie, Kaity, Hannah and Jolee

Jolee in her pretty dress beginning to run!

All over craziness

Jolee got quite a few eggs

Brady running over to join up with me and Jolee

So proud of his few eggs!

Checking it all out

So happy!!!

Mommy and Daddy

Me and Brady at lunch

Bring on Spring

Ahhhh, springtime is here, and so is my love for making little girls clothes! Winter is such a boring, blah time for clothes, so I didn't make much of anything for the last several months. But now that the weather is warmer, I'm enjoying making Jolee some new things, like this rainbow twirly skirt. So glad to be getting out of the winter rut!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Powers Playground

A few weeks ago, Brian and I decided it was time to retire the old swingset. So, out it went the old, and in with the new! The new swingset got set up last week, and we have been outside every day that it's been nice enough to. It has 3 swings (to discourage fighting amongst the kiddos), monkey bars, a rock wall, great slide, picnic table, and all kinds of other little gadgets. We also got a really awesome airplane teeter-totter. It's been really wonderful to have such nice weather and be able to get out and play with the dogs and get active. Next up, opening the pool! Yay!

Airplane teeter-totter

Side angle

Jolee catching some air

Brady loves the binoculars

Checking out the site of many future picnics

Checking out the climbing wall

Brady is now able to swing in a big kid swing!

Gotta get in some b-ball. Gotta love that look on his face after making a shot!

Sometimes You Just Gotta Have Cake

I am a believer of the idea that sometimes you just need to get a cake and celebrate something once in a while! On Tuesday we had a wonderful reason to have a party: Jolee has just been moved up into 5th grade reading! She's a wonderful reader, and so smart, so we thought she deserved a special treat. She's also nearing the end of her second full week with braces! They've taken a little while to get used to, but sh's doing so great. Bring on the chocolate reeses peanut butter cup cake!

Brady couldn't help himself!