Sunday, September 26, 2010

Good Times at Chuckie Cheese :)

Yesterday was Brians last night at the speedway here in town, so I decided to take the kids up to Springfield for an afternoon out. We went to Chuckie Cheese, and also hit up Target and a Halloween store. The kids left Chuckie's in pieces, and also did the same to my wallet...LOL!

Veronica and Brady shooting hoops

Chuckie himself made an appearance

My gang very focused on a game

Brady loves the train they have there

Jolee posin'

Me and V-ron

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Go Dolphins!

Tonight was Jolees first Mighty Mite football game, and it was fantastic out! Beautiful weather for an evening of cheering! Jolee and her friends did a great job of pumping up the Dolphins fans. We got to see all of our favorite people too! Congrats girls on a fantastic job!!!

We have a future kicker on our hands

Jolee, Brady and Kaity

Jolee and Kaity

Jolee, Kaity and Kaylynn

If the Dolphins could win based on how cute their cheerleaders are, they would for sure!

Getting the crowd excited!

Jolee had a really good time

They all remembered their cheers really well

Daddy and Brady

Brady and Veronica

Mommy and Daddy

Brady and Kat-aroo

Jolee and me

Jolee and Veronica

Daddy and Jolee after the game

Monday, September 13, 2010

Good times

So, how much fun did I have this weekend you ask? So much fun!!! It was a very fast trip to Olathe, but we squeezed in alot of fun in a short amount of time. On Saturday morning Brady and I went over to Lindsey's house to hang out with her and the kiddos. I go to surprise her with the costumes that I made for them for Halloween :) I think she really liked them! How crazy is this...she had just bought Jackson a costume. What do you think it was??? A dinosaur!! (I made Jackson a dinosaur also) LOL! We are quite connected, me and Lindsey. The boys had a great time playing together, and so did us mommies! Love you guys!!!!

Time for Cheerleading

Once again, I apologize for not updating this like I's gotten to be a pretty routine thing for me to do it seems! LOL are some pics from Jolee's very first cheerleading practice. They all got to go watch the Grizzley cheerleaders and learn some moves. Brady had a good time watching them also :)

Kaylynn, Kaity and Jolee

Concentrating hard!

Veronica and Brady

Brady had to get a picture with the Grizzley mascot :)