Monday, June 29, 2009

Day Getaway

This past Saturday was so much fun! We decided to go to Mountain Home to go to the air show and hang out. We went to Gaston's for lunch - so good! By that time though the air show was over, so went to the boat to make sure everything was still in good working order, and then went shopping a bit. The jet had been in the show and needed to get back home, so Brian flew it back that afternoon. After we got back, he went back up and did some rolls and stuff so that I could get it all on video. We got some great stuff, but I'm still having trouble updoading videos on here. Oh well - got some cute pics!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Jolee the Model

My kids have the best Nana in the whole wide world! She has made Jolee a couple of dresses in just the last couple of weeks alone! Here she is modeling them. The red, white and blue one is EXTRA special. Jolee was in Nana's sewing room one day and said how if she could make a dress, she would make it just like this one (and showed Nana how the squares would look). Jolee had no idea Nana was making it for her, and then one day she showed it to her, and she instantly knew it was the one she designed! She feels very proud of it. Now if she could just decide which one she wants to wear on the last day of summer school! LOL

Jolee Out Driving

Before Daddy got out racing last night, he needed to go around and make sure there was no debris on the track, so Jolee got to get out and drive her Razor around! She is getting so good at driving it. Brian even put flashing lights on top so when we have a big race out here, it can be the caution car! LOL
Jolee loves it!!

Happy Father's Day!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Fathers Day! It was wonderful here getting to hang out with Dad and just vegging out. The kiddos each made their Dad a beautiful handprint stepping stone that we're going to put down by the gazebo by the pond. We're going to add new ones each year to see how our babies are growing. We cooked out and then went swimming and after the kids went to sleep, Brian had some buddies over and they got the karts out for a while. A very good day!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

1st Banana Pepper

Ta-da! My first piece of produce from my garden this year! I've also got a grape plant, a raspberry plant, some lettuce, and strawberries. Also some other pepper plants, tomato plants, parsley, basil, cilantro, and endless flowers! I may not be any good at it, but I REALLY enjoy it!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Big Day!

Brady is now officially no longer a baby! Today has been his first whole day without a bottle AND he is now sitting in his forward facing car seat! Big stuff people!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Daily Excercises

This is Brady's new favorite move...he stretches all the way out and sticks his butt all the way out. Sometimes he'll even throw in some "push-ups" afterwards (like he sees Daddy do)! LOL
He just got his 12 month shots today, so he's not feeling too spiffy. Brady and I are both looking forward bedtime tonite!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Today was the first pool day of the summer! It was also Brady's first real time in the pool. We had dipped him in last summer, but he REALLY got his feet wet today! He got in his little tug boat and had a great time. Brian threw Jolee around and they had a wonderful time.

Paying Chuck a visit :)

Jolee, Brady and I met up with my girlie Josie and her daughter Shayla the other day and went to Chuckie Cheese! It was such a blast, even though Shayla wouldn't get on any rides! LOL
Jolee ended up getting somewhere around 600 tickets!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cookie time

The other night Jolee and I made chocolate chip cookies to take to her class the next morning, and, SURPRISE, Brady LOVED them! Just call them cookie monsters! LOL

We Love Summer!

The summer here is getting off to a great start! The pond is starting to fill up, and there's all kinds of critters coming out to play. There's already probably a dozen froggies in the pond, were seeing turtles everywhere (even ones that come into the pool area), and we even found a baby snake the other day. After some serious searching, we found out it's a really harmless kind. We are very proud of all of our plants and things (Jolee's posing with one of the first elephant ears to poke through). Also, the gazebo is getting delivered tomorrow for the pond! It's going to sit on the gravel plateau in the picture. I'm so excited! Everyone come hang out lots this summer with us PLEASE!!

1st grade graduate!

Jolee has now moved on to 2nd grade! It's going so fast. Here she is with some of her awards from her last day in Ms. Hick's first grade class. YAYYY!!!! Now she's in summer school for the month on June and loving it.

Big Discovery!

Brady has finally figured out he can get into the bottom drawers. The other night, he was in the kitchen being VERY quiet (which is never a good thing), and sure enough, we go in there and there he is in the drawer! I can't recall him being so proud of himself! Good stuff :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Having difficulties :(

Hi All!
Just wanted to let everyone know why I've not posted lately: I've been having issues with uploading videos and pictures. I've wanted to post pics of our pond starting up and the frogs living there already, and of all the plants and flowers me and Jolee have been working on. I will be trying to post it all as soon as possible. Also, I had my LASIK surgery last week, and I started seeing better than perfect the very next day! So, anyone considering it, DO IT!!!

Hope everyone's having a great summer! :)