Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bath Fun

Brady's really been enjoying coloring lately, so I got him some bathtub markers the other day. He LOVES them! He can color on the "walls" of the bathtub, and I wont get mad at him :)

Taking Jolee to Her Other Family

The kids were just too cute in the car last night...I just had to get it on film!

Girl Scout Sleepover

I was looking at my pictures tonight and realized I forgot to post any pics of the Girl Scout sleepover! Here's just a few of them:

The girls working on their cooking badge

Jolee and her friend Aubrey

Everyone's dancing to Lady Gaga

The "serious" group picture

The "not serious" group picture

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I WON!!!!

Everyone - Say hello to the newest addition to the Powers Family!!!!! My crazy husband decided bid like crazy on this amazing dress off of Project Runway. The AMAZING Anthony made the winning garmet on last Thursday's episode. The prize for winning this challenge was that the amazing Heidi Klum is going to wear it on the cover of the April issue of Marie Claire!! I can't even explain how excited I am (and also my mom!)!!!! THANK YOU BRIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

V-Day Party

Today was the Valentines Day parties at Jolee's school, so we went and tried to help out as best as we could :) Jolee got to wear her special dress I made, Brady really enjoyed playing with the big kids, and LOVED all the attention (and all the candy!). Afterwards, we went to lunch with Kaity and her family...only Daddy had to go sit with Brady out in the car due to his crankiness :(

Jolee and her teacher Ms. McGinnis

Jolee passing out her goodie bags

Brady loved sitting at her desk

Jolee and Daddy

Me and my girl

A glimpse into the future

One of the boys in the class liked showing brady some of the toys

Our family

Kaity & Jolee at lunch

Brady wasn't going to let them have all the fun!

He Works Quietly...

This is what happens when a little boy is being way too quiet when a Mommy is doing dishes. A certain little guy might happen to quietly take a box of oatmeal packets off of the countertop, and secretly tear them open and dump them out on the floor. After that, Mommy would be so surprised to see that, that then she would drop her phone and shatter the screen. Moral of the story.... when you start thinking that your kid is being so quiet that it's too good to be probably is!!!!

Big Shoes To Fill

Daddy's shoes weigh more than Brady does, but that doesn't stop him from walking around in them when he wants to. I suppose it's better than the pink sparkly Hello Kitty shoes he was walking aroung in the other day.....

More of a Cowboy Than a Hillbilly

How cute is she?!?! Thursday was "Hillbilly Day" at school...however, we did now own any "hillbilly" clothes. So, we went to a western store, and...big surprise...Jolee loved it! She actually wore the boots and shirt out of the store!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Chillin' With My Kiddies

This evening, me and the kiddos had a wonderful time just hanging out. Nothing special, but sometimes those are the best times! Jolee tried on the new skirt I just finished, and while I was trying to take her picture, Brady jumped in! He's just now getting the hang of posing for the camera, so I took full advantage :)

This is his new favorite book - All about TRACTORS!


Jolee spent today's snow day making her Valentine's Day box for her class's party on Friday. She did a wonderful job painting and gluing all the letters and jewels on... also...mad props to Martha Stewart for the idea about the rose with the glittery petals! Jolee also has a special dress I made for V-Day, but I have yet to get a good picture of it.

Powers' Wildlife

This is a group of turkeys that we have in the woods outside of our house. We are able to count about 13 or so. Fortunately for them, we are not the hunting kind!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Jolee's a Sewer Now!

Today, while Jolee and I went to the fabric store in town, she mentioned once again that she would love her own machine. Me, being the sucker that I am, broke down and decided to do just that. We made our way over to the Gammill store on the square and picked out a wonderful Janome. It's not necessarily marketed to kids, it's just a basic aduly machine. She's picked up on it so quick! She's already putting together a blanket out of some pieces she found today. It was so wonderful tonight...while I'm making her some PJ's for tonight, she's on her's working on her blanket :)
I love being a mommy!!!!