Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wading in the Water

After we got done at the airport, the kids and I went down to the river to hang out with my Aunt Janet, Uncle Kenny and cousin Jeremy. They are so lucky to live on the river and have a bunch of beautiful land also. Since the river is a bit to much for the kids to handle, we decided to jump right into the creek they have running through the property. We took our shoes off and played around and looked for fish and neat rocks. We also ended up noticing that EVERYWHERE you look there are crawdads. Once Jolee found that out, she wasn't too keen of going shoe-less any longer :) LOL

Jolee wanted to sit on a rock, but being the city girl she is, she had to spray her butt and the rock first with bug spray! LOL

Fred hi-jacked one of Brady's shoes when we weren't looking

To anyone that remembers, last summer my mom and I went to Janets house and painted the river. Well Jolee hated that she didn't get to do that, so this time, Aunt Janet set up an easel by the creek so she could paint...she loved it.

Daddy flies and Jolee photographs our home.

25th Anniversary

Saturday was the West Plains Airports' 25th anniversary, so we headed up there to hang out for a bit. There were a bunch of planes out & a couple of helicopters too. Brian was up there for most of the day helping out. Me and the kids didn't get there till things were winding down. It was still fun to see everyone out there though!

Jolee in the highway patrol helicopter

Brady and daddy

Brian, Brady and Gary

Me and the kids hung out in the hangar out of the sun :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My 1st Top

Here's a picture of Jolee wearing the first top that I've made her. If you can believe it, all I've made up to this point are dresses and skirts (and one failed attempt at pants). She really likes it and it actually fit her perfectly without and alterations. I'm going to go cut the fabric for the next one now :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dinner With the Powers Side

On Saturday we left old Johnson County for beautiful Pleasant Hill, MO for an evening with Brian's sister Lisa and her family. Uncle Chris, Aunt Crystal and their kids also came over. The kids all swam and played while the rest us talked and hung out. Next time we go over there, we decided we have to spend the night. It always ends too soon if we have to drive back to Olathe. Can't wait to see your new place Crystal!

Isn't he too cute?!? On the way over to his Aunt Lisa's house

Brian and his super-cool sister Lisa

Madison is quite the little fish!

Brian swiming with the kids

Mommy & Daddy's Date Nite

I'm so glad Nana & Papaw are so nice! Last Friday night, they took Brady (Jolee was staying the night with her Aunt Patty in OP) so that Brian & I could go do something fun. We ended up going to Dave & Busters out at the Legends. It was so much fun...and I even ended up beating Brian @ a racing game! (That will likely never happen again LOL).

We were extra nice to our waitress so she would take our picture

Daddy showing off his loot :)

Me trying to win Jolee something out of the GIANT claw machine. Jolee is the Queen of the Claw everywhere we go...we hated that she wasn't with us to play this one!

Happy 3rd Birthday Shayla!

During our trip to Olathe this last weekend, we were able to go to Shayla's 3rd birthday party! She's one of the most awesome little girls I know (thanks to her even awesomer parents!). It was great getting to see alot of old faces again. Cheramie was there with her son Corbin, and he and Brady were able to really interact for the first time. We had such a good time! I can't wait for many more birthdays to come! Love you Shayla!

Josie, Cheramie and I - all that was missing was Lindsey; but considering she's about 50 weeks preggo, we'll give her the day off :) LOL

Two of the prettiest girls I know :)

Corbin and Brady hanging out

Jolee and the birthday girl swingin

Me and Josie - has it seriously been 15 years already?!?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Welcome Home Uncle Chris!!!!!

Well, this day never felt like it would get here...but it finally did! Uncle Chris is back home from Iraq!!!!!! All of his family and in-laws came and stayed the weekend with us. I've never seen people more anxious. Today finally came and we all went to the Civic Center for the discharge ceremony. Chris got up and said some words, along with several others. Then, before we knew it, it was time to bring him home! We spent the rest of the day just relaxing and enjoying his company. It's going to be an adjustment to get back to normal, but we are so happy he made it back safe and sound!!!!!

Me and Crystal

Jolee and me

Brady, Brian and Chaise waiting patiently to see Chris!

Grandma and Jolee

So cute! Madison saw her Daddy across the room and took off for him! She definitly couldn't wait to see him :)

The troop starting to file in

It's blurry, but that's Chris there in front

The first time they'd seen their Daddy in a year! I can't even imagine...

Chris and his awesome family: Crystal, Madiso, Chris, Chaise and Alyssa

They were so happy to see Daddy

How happy does Madison look?

My family

Chris gave Brian a flag that had been flown in Iraq...very special...

Crystal and I

Brian, Brady and Uncle Chris

Brady just chillin'

How in the world do kids like a hot tub when it's already HOT outside??

Jolee and Brady out by the hot tub

The boys in the bath