Thursday, May 5, 2011

Girls Night Out

Jolee and I had the pleasure of taking a girls night out and seeing the Missouri Contemporary Ballet perform at the West Plains Civic Center. We had a fantastic time and loved the dancing. We even to to wear our matching dresses! :)
Afterwards, Jolee got to meet all the dancers and get autographs and pictures with them. It was so refreshing to get to see some culture in West Plains!

"Turn Around, Don't Drown!"

As most of you probably know, a ton of our region had massive flooding during the last couple of weeks. West Plains had lots of damage from one partcular night (so much so that my favorite fabric store won't be able to recover!). Several propane tanks and debris got washed all over town. The kids got a couple days off off school since the busses can't travel well on water covered dirt roads, so I suppose it wasn't all too bad! Our pond overflowed, but that was about it about our place thankfully! I didn't get many pictures, but heres just a few:

This is a picture of one of the dirt roads that you can take to get to our house. Pretty much any dirt road in the area got seriously flooded and lots of people were not able to get through. When Brian and I got out to see it all, we were able to get through about 75% of the flooded spots. This is one that we decided NOT to go through! LOL

Here's a picture of the same road, only from the other direction. It washed alot of it away. It was like this all over the area. It's funny that it looks like a creek running next to the road, when there is never any water there!

Here's a picture of what the water looked like coming into our pond. There is usually no water coming out of those pipes, so after several days of that much water, our "cup runeth over" LOL LITERALLY!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Yep, My Cat Is THAT Cool :)

I seriously caught my cat hanging out like this the other day. Too funny to pass up!