Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Veteran's Day Parade 2011

A few weeks ago we all went to the Veteran's Day parade in West Plains. Brady made the decision that we would sit with Jolee's class instead of his :) He sat on Daddy's shoulders the whole time, and especially loved the tractors!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Final Mighty Mite Game

I know it may be a tad late, but here are the pictures from the last Mighty Mite game of this season. It was held at the West Plains High School field, and wouldn't you know it...it was the only game that we won! The girls had a really fun time and Brady and Blake got out and cheered their little hearts out too. I'm going to miss it :) GO COLTS!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Spooky Fundraiser

Last Friday, the kids and I headed over to Jolee's school for their yearly PTO fundraiser, the fall festival. Each grade has a booth. It can be anything...games, food, picture taking, etc. It's so much fun! And this year they added costumes to it! They've changed to school calendar around enough so that we couldn't fit a costume party in at school. So they added a costume contest to the fall festival. It was great getting to see all the kids!!! I'm so glad she goes to a great school that does alot for the students to participate in :)

Jolee and some of her sweet (and scary) friends

Jolee and Haley

Brady and his buddy Blake

His cotton candy is bigger than his head!

Me and my kids - before this picture,I had completely forgotten that I had whiskers on. I checked out the picture on my camera right after it was taken, and, WOW!!!

Brady got in on the "cookie walk"

Brady and I landed ourselves in "jail" - it's a fun cage-like thing they set up. You give a ticket to put someone in, then they use a ticket to get out. The kids LOVE it!

Jolee joined up with us! (Notice our sweet ID number necklaces???)

Hopefully this is the closest thing to jail as these girls will ever get!!!

Brady loved the golf game

Getting his second face-painting of the night - a checkered flag!

Jolee and one of her best friends Kaity

Halloween Parties

I don't know about everyone else, but our Halloween week was CRAZY! I wouldn't have it any other way :)
Thursday was the day for parties at the kids' schools. Brady's was in the morning, and Jolee's was in the afternoon. Lots and lots of running around! I really enjoyed going to Brady's. I was able to stay and watch their morning routine. I LOVED getting to see all of the things that he does and watch him interact with his friends!

Brady was excited to get his picture taken :)

All of the kids looked adorable!

Brady and Luke in their matching costumes

Their both had to sit on Miss Kayla's lap during story time

Best friends :)

Jolee's Party

Brady was so excited to sit with the big kids for their caramel apples!

Me and the kids

Jolee and some of her friends