Thursday, April 29, 2010

Starting the Garden

Now that it's officially well into spring, I no longer have any excuses for the so called "garden" I say I have. So, I've been trying to get out for even just a few minutes a day and get it ready. It's time to get the weeds out and get the tomatos in! I took my garden helpers out with me today and made a pretty good dent. I'm hoping to have my plants in the ground this weekend. Also, one of my peoney plants has sprouted two flowers! I was not expecting any blooms this summer, but this one is apparently a strong one :)

Brady's pointing the way

Even my kids race around the track! LOL

Brady's smelling the peonies

My helpers doing what they do best

My puppy keeping an eye out

Cute Girls

On Tuesday Jolee's 2nd grade class at Richards went to the Springfield Nature Center for a class trip. We ended up meeting up with them after they had eaten lunch at a nearby park, and I grabbed a couple of pics of her and her friends. So cute!

Jolee, Kaylynn, Kaity and Haley

Maddie, Jolee and Kaylynn

Friday, April 23, 2010

Girl Scout Awards

We just got back from the Girl Scout Awards Dinner, and overall, it was a success. It's always hard when you have that many people in one small building, but it actually went really well. The girls all got to get several badges and certificate awards. I'm so glad it's over! LOL

My little gang

Jolee and Grandma

Me and Jolee

Jolee getting one of her awards

Brian recieved the "#1 Girl Scout Dad" award

Mommy and Daddy

Showing off our goodies :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hello Hopter!

Brady got to do something really cool today! If you know him at all, you know that he is OBSESSED with helicopters, or "hopters" as he calls them (LOL). We took our usual lunch trip up to the airport to eat with Brian and Gary, and while we were there we got into a conversation with the pilot for the local highway patrol department (who is also an aquaintance of Brians). He caught on pretty quick to Bradys fascianation with "hopters", and offered to let Brady sit in their HIPO "hopter"! He literally jumped at the mention of it. We ran over to the hangar, and after some initial apprehesion (because he's never been allowed that close to one) he climbed right up in the pilots seat. He is his fathers son.....LOL

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Other Woman is Back

Brian flew down to Mena, AR to pick up the Aerostar from where it had been getting some work done. It feels like it's been gone forever! He's super excited to get going on the interior of it, and get it back up for our quick trips to KC. He doesn't think it will take very long to get it all finished up. I'll post updates as he gets going on it!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fun Trip with Auntie!

So sorry it's taken me so long to get any more pictures on here lately! Our house has been quite the circus lately. Brian's been gone quite a bit, and these kiddos keep me hoppin!
Anyways, here's some pics of the last time Brady and I, along with Auntie Janet went up to Olathe. We got to see his cousins Madison and Chaise, and their Mommy Crystal. We also took Janet to see the Deanna Rose Farmstead. They both loved it! Brady hadn't been there for quite a while, so he was really able to appreciate the animals so much more

Brady, Chaise and Madison

The boys keeping an eye on the rain situation outside LOL

Brady loved playing with all of Chaises' toys

Brady and Miss Madison

The kids saying bye :(

Grandma Lilla says he looks just like Brian when he was a baby in this one

Checking out the cows

Riding on a "Brady sized" tractor

Comparing noses with a horse

Mommy and Brady

Me, Brady and Auntie Janet at the farmstead

Eating ice cream sandwiches with the ladies :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bad Frickin Day

Okay. So I had probably the crappiest day in a VERY long time today. The kind where nothing goes the way it is supposed to, followed by some bodily harm in the evening. For starters, Brady is having a horrible reaction to the pollen in the air, therefore, we got NO sleep last night. After downing a dozen cups of coffee (which did no good by the way), Brady decided to break my cell phone into two pieces. Nothing that's fixable either.
As the day went on things kept going wrong. Brady stuck his hand in his poopy pants, left a gallon of milk in the car (and we really needed it!), then he only slept for 20 minutes.
When Jolee got out of tumbling class, we got outside and played and had some nice drama-free fun (at least for a bit):

Abbie and Bailey giving Copper the once over

Brady and Bailey

Brady has no fear of things that can hurt him

Just moments before the incindent

Right as it was time to go inside, Jolee stepped behind Brady's swing and got herself a bloody lip. She was pretty upset about it, but she sucked it up and got over it. However, just as she was going into her room to change the channel on her tv, I suddenly heard a loud noise. I run into her room, where she's crying, and this is what I see:

Apparently her dresser decided it was ready to give out. Fortunatly for her, she had a drawing easel in front of it that kept it from falling completely on her. She used her arm to cover her face, so it could've been alot worse. She seems to only have a good size bruise on her shoulder. Needless to say, she's not sleeping in her room for a few days! Of course, Brian is in Florida for the rest of the week, and I'm not about to try to pick all that up by myself. I'm so happy Brady or Copper werent right there! I always say that her room is a disaster zone, but now it officially is! LOL

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Well, this year the Easter Bunny came to the Powers house in Pomona MO, and left quite a nice number of treats for Jolee and Brady. Brady had so much fun looking for eggs in the yard. Jolee did great with Brady, making sure he found alot and making sure everything was equal. They havn't stopped eating since we came in! I suppose I should just be glad I made them eat a good breakfast before we got going! LOL

The Easter Bunny was very good to the kids!

Sugar rush anyone?!?!

They were ready to start early!

He was trying to put anything and everything into his basket :)

The first egg!

The Easter Bunny hid the eggs well

Brady found a few on the steps

Looking hard!

He found one!

Copper helped Jolee look

Copper enjoying the breeze

His basket's getting sooooo heavy!

He broke open an egg early and had a mouth full :)

Brady's checking out Jolee's loot

Posing with their goodies