Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Last of the Disney Pics!

Monday - Day at the Animal Kingdom

Getting ready to start the safari

Checking out some rhinos up close

Getting on the train to take us around the Animal Kingdom

Nana & Papaw in front of the beautiful Tree of Life

Tuesday - Epcot
Tuesday started off sorta...different! We decided that we were going to spend the morning at the swimming pool with the kids and go to Epcot later on in the day. Well, we get down to the pool and within 10 minutes Brian and Brady decide to go down the big water slide. As I would soon learn, this is not a good time for miscommunication...I though Brian told me he was sending Brady down on his own. Imagine my surprise when I am greeted at the bottom of the slide with Brady AND Brian! Needless to say, your hubby's foot doesn't feel good when it slams into your face going VERY fast. Since I figured that the fact that I couldn't close my mouth without excruciating pain, Brian and I paid a visit to the local emergency room. After many x-rays, we found out nothing was wrong. Needless to say, most of our Tuesday was gone. That is why my pictures don't start until later that night at Epcot. Gotta love vacation stories!

Me and Brian getting ready to watch the fireworks at Epcot

Watching fireworks

Wednesday - Spent mostly at Epcot

Since Tuesday was basically a bust, we headedd back over to Epcot on Wednesday. But was we all know, just when you think things are fine, they are SOOOOO not! After the stress of the day before, Brian ended up with an excruciating migraine. After trying his best to tough it out for some family fun, be headed back to the hotel to try and get some sleep. So me and the kids and the grandfolks hung out a while longer and checked out "Germany". Brian and I didn't get to go out to our anniversary date that night, but Nana and Papaw did get to go out themselves. Before the end of the night, we went and walked around the Boardwalk and watched the fireworks again!

Getting ready to watch a show

Oh no! They got eaten by a shark! LOL

How do they stay so cute when we're all melting??

Getting ready to watch another show (Brian was trying to tough out a migraine...that's why he had a pair of sunglasses on in a dark room) POOR BABY!

Brady did better than we expected in the shows where he had to sit still

Walking around "Germany" in Epcot. How perfect does Papaw look with a German beer :)

We enjoyed going through Germany with Nana. She still remembers a few things about life over there even though she was a little kid.

Me and Mom on our walk around the Boardwalk

Brady and Papaw

Nana, Papaw and Brady enjoying the surroundings

Thursday - SeaWorld

On our last day of the trip we drove out to SeaWorld, and spent most of the day there. We had a great time watching the amazing shows they have and seeing all of the animals. Later, Brian and I made up for the night before and went to dinner, and then met up with the gang and walked out on the Boardwalk. We got to see a magician, play some games, eat funnel caked, and basically have a wonderful last night!!!

Jolee at the entrance of SeaWorld

Brady and Papaw getting ready to watch Elmo live!

Jolee did a great job of keeping Brady focused! :)

Elmo and Grover dancing

The kids in front of a race car (Brian is probably embarrased that his wife doesn't know the driver!!)

Watching the Shamu show (I ended up leaving with Brady after 5 minutes. Apparently a giant killer whale can't keep his attention)

My boys with Shamu :)

Brady banging on some island-y drums

We stumbled upon a wonderful little water play area in the middle of SeaWorld. Jolee got right into the water!

Brady wasn't so sure at first...

But as you can see, Jolee wasted no time!

He started to realize that it felt kinda good!

Mom and Dad after we had gotten several wet hugs :)

They ended up not wanting to leave!

All of us waiting in line to see some polar bears

Brady watching sting-rays

Jolee and I in front of the dolphin feeding area. Right before this picture we had both leaned over to touch one as it swam by, but it instead blew a bunch of water on us! Good times...

Me and my family in front of our hotel on our last night

Nana and Papaw in front of the Dolphin Hotel

Getting ready to walk on the Boardwalk one last time

Brian and both of his very happy kids

Brian and I had our 2 year anniversary on vacation!

Come on, you know it's cute!

Brian and Papaw couldn't resist a friendly game of b-ball

And guess who won!! Papaw won Nana a stuffed animal...adorable!

The last picture of the trip...Now on to the next one!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day Three of Disney

Day 3 of our Disney whirlwind started with a great breakfast. On Sunday mornings, they have four famous characters meet and greet everyone. That day it happened to be Pluto, Goofy and Chip and Dale. The kids had a lot of fun with that...but I don't think they ate a whole lot though! After that, we went into town for a trip to Target so we could get some snacks and stuff. After a nice, relaxing afternoon, it was off to the Magic Kingdom yet again! We did have something extremely fun to go do once we got there though!
Jolee got an appointment at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique for a princess makeover!!! This was just too much fun. You get to go into Cinderella's castle and then step into a renaissance-era salon! She got to pick out her dress (she chose Tiana's dress because it was the most comfortable), got her hair done, and also her makeup and nails. It was so much fun to watch her getting spoiled :)
After becoming a princess, we went on many more rides and got to meet some very cool folks (see pics below)!

Brady doing his best to hug Pluto

Jolee had an easier time

The kids with Chip...or Dale

And Dale...or Chip...who can tell them apart?!? I think it's the noses that are different.

Two Goofys

Nana and Papaw and the kiddos with Goofy

They were all very willing to sign autographs for the kids

Getting Princess-ified:

Consulting with her Fairy-Godmother In-Training about what hair-do would be best

Getting started

Getting her "extensions" put in LOL

Getting fairy dust

Jolee and Anastasia, who was from Missouri also!

Before the big reveal!

I think Nana approves :)

I have to admit, I felt like a kid again

Daddy and his princess

Sitting on Minnie Mouse's couch (notice the finger in the nose...thanks Brady!)

Apparently Minni likes to sew also

Princess Jolee and Cinderella

Jolee and Belle (Jolee's FAVORITE!!!)

The Princesses have to support each other LOL

Comparing hair-do's

Jolee and Sleeping Beauty

Mickey and Minnie signing the kids' autograph books

Jolee hugging Mickey

Group shot!

Getting ready to go on the Haunted Mansion ride....spooky!