Saturday, May 19, 2012

Thompson / Powers Pics!

A few weeks ago I was able to round up the whole gang (my 4 member family, my parent and my 2 sisters) for some family pictures I was desperate to get done. Brian and I get our family pictures done once or twice a year, but we hadn't done any with everyone. We are such a close family that it seemed silly not to have any.
My mom knew a lady that she teaches with that takes photos on the side, and she was happy to be hired for the job! She does a really neat thing. Instead of paying for expensive prints and things, she only charges a fee to take the pictures, and then you buy the rights to the photos. You then get them on a CD and are free to do what you wish with them! I love that! There are so many places to get prints from that won't break the bank (unlike our experience at Antisdels in '09).

Here's some great shots that Val got of everyone out at one of my favorite places from Kansas. Heritage Park! I spent many, many hours there in my kid years.

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