Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Spontaneous Life

A few weekends ago, my husband did something sooooo sweet for lil ol me...he flew up on Saturday morning and picked up my parents for a spontaneous weekend together! They got here Saturday afternoon, and we all had a fantastic time cooking out on the grill, riding the golf carts around, and of course, watching KU make it to the Championship game!!!! I love being with my dad during March Madness :) 

Sunday morning, we all got up and around, and drove down to one of our favorite place in the world...Gastons. We thought about flying in there on their grass strip, but it was just a little bit too windy. So we enjoyed the scenic drive through the Ozark mountains. We enjoyed the BEST brunch and then walked around and checked out all the peacocks they have roaming the grounds. Then it was back home we went, and then sadly, back home for Nana and Papaw :( It was a wonderful and unexpected treat! We love you!!!
 Brady enjoying "shoulders" from Papaw

Brian and Jolee leading the way

One of the friendly locals

I love him so much!

 Family picture attempt #1: it's my favorite (see my son's expression)
 #2: Just doesnt' capture Brady's true emotion!

Me and my parents in front of the beautiful river

It's always a struggle! A wonderful, wonderful struggle!

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